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This website is produced by "Cyber Knight". "Cyber Knight" , live in Tokyo, Japan, is the nickname of the webmaster, and then "BlueCrystal" is not a corporation but a name of my personal website. I was going to name my office "BlueCrystal" before. But it didn't come true, instead, I have named my personal website "BlueCrystal".

Now I'm interested in the wonderful system called "Internet", and I respect some people who produced such a beautiful system on the earth. The number of Internet-users have lately increased in Japan, but few people make full use of Internet in fact. And so I produced this website to study Internet, and to express my own thinking, opinion, and heart ! Of course, I enjoy producing this website !

By the way, do you have any knowledge about Japan ? There are a lot of attractive cultures and towns in Japan. I hope people all over the world are more interested in Japan. If you visit a lot of parts of Japan, I'm sure you'll find new things you have never known, and be able to have a lot of experiences, memories, and wonders !

This website will be modified sometimes. See you later on this website. Thanks for visiting this website. Have a nice day and nice Internet life !

Jan. 31, 2000
Cyber Knight : Webmaster